Born and brought up in the South East of England, I went to school in Canterbury but later moved away to study and more recently to work (although that’s no longer particularly recent either!). I now live with my wife (who, incidentally, thinks I should have called this site “Blowing the Wind” instead…but I’d rather not dwell on the reasons why as I think she’s being personal) and our baby daughter near Cambridge.

While I dearly miss the sea and sunshine that helped to define me in my childhood and early adult years, I love where I now live for many other reasons including our proximity to Cambridge and London and also to the main arterial roads that give us relatively easy access to much of the UK. As a bonus I also happen to be relatively close to where my younger sister and her family live, although we don’t manage to see them as often as I’d like.

My interests cover a broad range of things but I particularly love good food (preferably shared with good company), music and film, travel and photography. Although I was quite good in my earlier years, more recently I’ve not played my violin or the piano. Nor have I done much of the mountain biking that I used to love so much. At some point I must find the time for all of these things once again.

So why a blog and why now?

Well, I’ve been thinking about experimenting with a website like this for some time but have been undecided as to what I wanted it to be. As I said above, I love photography and thought that a site to exhibit the best of my photographs might be good and wouldn’t necessarily require me to regularly update it. After all who doesn’t like looking at a good image? However, I also like the concept of rambling on about something that may be of some interest or provide some entertainment to somebody, somewhere. Maybe. It may also provide some relief for my wife who normally bears the brunt of such nonsense. So, with this site I’ve tried to keep my options open a little. For now at least. I’ve called it “Shooting the Breeze” as it feels like an appropriate description of my senseless babble (am I selling it yet?) that could well encompass topics on just about anything and everything, but I hope that the name just about continues to make some sense at least if I do decide to include a gallery of my photographs (after all the “Shooting” part of the name is appropriate, right?).

So it was only recently, when the potential for a (semi-)interesting topic for my first blog entries turned up, that I decided that I may actually have something that other people might be interested in reading and so I set up this site. More accurately I am passionate about the subject and needed to vent somewhat. I hope that the first few entries don’t come across as rants because the topic came about through absolute infuriation, but I will consciously try to make sure that anything negative that appears is balanced with more positive posts in the future. I promise. However, if by blogging I help somebody or give someone some pleasure through reading my posts then it will have been worth it. If any of my content affects you in either of these ways, then please let me know. You may just inspire me to continue with this experiment…

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